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Created Specifically to Serve Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Despite the large number of planning resources available for these individuals, there is a severe lack of preparation for one inevitable cost - a funeral or cremation. Our seamless and comprehensive program removes the financial and emotional burden that is felt by both the consumer and the family when an unexpected loss occurs.

The Special Considerations program, which is offered to all individuals with special needs, creates an irrevocable trust that is funded by life insurance. The funds placed in the trust are not considered an asset by Medicaid and SSI*. Program payments can be made monthly, based upon an individual’s budget, or as a single lump sum for spend down situations. As an added convenience, the policy(s) is fully portable and any funeral home across the nation may be chosen at the time of need. The policy funds may be used for any expenses associated with end of life arrangements.

Our organization is equipped to handle the insuring of single individuals as well as large groups. We provide systematic enrollment which organizes and simplifies the funeral planning process for each individual while ensuring the continuity of services provided by a service organization. If you or your team prefer one-on-one enrollment for your individuals, our team will always be available for personal support. We also offer comprehensive reports for tracking and reconciliation purposes.

We are happy to meet with your individuals, families and caregivers to ensure that everyone in the circle of support is heard and included. Not only can we help you educate your families, individuals and caregivers but we also offer a comprehensive and simple solution.

*State limitations may apply


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